A 960m2 outdoor skating rink is being constructed in the capital of Udmutria. Specialists from the business group “Master”, from Votkinsk, have been charged with carrying out the project. They are currently on site and in the process of installation.
Yuriy Bychkov, director of “Master” says, “The skating rink will be called ‘Heat’. It will be an outdoor rink, which will allow for skating at any time of the year. The rink is constructed of panels of artificial ice, manufactured from a special plastic, which are installed on top of a completely flat surface.
Initially, the project was planned for the city of Votkinsk. “We approached the administration and requested that they grant us the space needed to carry out the project”, said Bychkov “but in the end the proposal was bogged down by delays and we began construction in the city of Izhevsk.”
The new ice rink will be situated in an area next to the Italmas shopping center. Changing rooms will be setup next to the rink where skaters can rent and sharpen their skates. Additionally, there will be a café. The cost of skating will be 100 Rubles per day. It is scheduled to be opened in the next few days.
Photo: vk.com  Vyacheslav Vakhrushev

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