Change is in the air! We are very excited about the changes and hope you like them as much as we do!

Why change?

At Xtraice, we invest each year in R&D to improve the technology of our products and have made great strides since the company’s inception. The development of technology and the ever-changing market and market trends have driven us to grow and adapt to these changes and we want to reflect this adaptability and evolution. This is why we are excited to be presenting our sharp new company image that represents our constant evolution and adaptation. On top of that, we have improved our webpage to enhance the browsing experience for all users.


The Xtraice Evolution!

After months of hard work, the results are in! There are two central aspects that Xtraice has changed.

  • New company image: Our logo has been revamped and now looks sharper than ever. This consisted of changing the corporate colours to more vibrant and lively colours which better convey our connection to the leisure recreation and sports sectors in which we operate. We have also shifted our trademark “X” to the right of the logo to make it cleaner and easier to read. The “X” that represents the marks left on the ice by skates after stopping also evokes a feeling of quickly gliding across the ice.
  • Old logo:


  • New logo:


  • New webpage: The new Xtraice webpage is more dynamic than ever thanks to the updated layout, graphics and animations. We want to get closer to our clients and improve their browsing experience by displaying our product catalogue in more detail as well as our showing how we collaborate with our clients by sharing a wide variety of images of Xtraice projects all over the world. We have also added some new sections to the webpage such as the “Top Rinks” section where we’ve compiled some of our favourite projects as well as fresh new graphics that reflect the quality of our products. We’ve even redone our blog, making it easier to find what you are looking for and to share your feedback and opinions.


We hope you like it!

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