The software, patented by Xtraice, projects the curling rings onto the rink’s surface, and using these projections, the game starts with thrilling visual effects. After the exciting visual intro, the software system counts the points automatically and displays the score on our touch screen.

One of our most striking success stories is an international restaurant chain based in Sweden, where we have installed an interactive curling rink. Our patented software projects the curling rings on to our surface and then reads the score depending on where the player lands the curling stone that they slide.  The computer then reads the points for each player and sums the score ranging over several ‘frames’ – similar to bowling.

The significant advantage is that the surface is far more versatile than a bowling alley and can easily be converted back to an ice skating rink – allowing more options for our customers’ clients all at a cheaper price than installing a bowling alley.

Xtraice can also offer multiple other options tailored to the customer’s needs or subject to proposals from our clients.

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