All of this is now possible with Xtraice.

Xtraice the manufacturer of synthetic ice rinks, now offers these services in addition to its already expansive programs.  Among our most popular products are our hockey equipment, freestyle ramps, skating aids, artificial snow machines, light and sound and several game accessories like Xtraice curling.

One of our impressive new elements is the app we have just completed designing that will help manage and measure all activity on the rink; including measuring the number of skaters, customers’ time spent on the rink, your revenue, and profits – as well as organizing and scheduling maintenance and helping to gauge the entire efficiency of your rink.  We can also help design your webpages, 3D designs and assist with marketing tools.  We can even design a comprehensive skating training program to help build additional interest and activity at the rink. All of this can be assisted by a professional hockey player that will help teach and implement the program while working with your staff.

Furthermore, you will have our international staff and global presence with installations in over 70 countries worldwide with an unparalleled experience in the synthetic ice world and with enhanced knowledge in everything from transport to customs in even the most remote locations of the world.  You can be sure that we will be with you every step of the way to help your business succeed to the full potential!

Whatever your ambitions, Xtraice can make your dream a reality.

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