Can you imagine an ice rink on a cruise ship? Are you considering the possibility of offering ice skating on the deck of a ship? Of course it’s possible! Synthetic ice surfaces facilitate this option thanks to the ecological material that works under any temperature. Let’s talk about cruises that sail through tropical climates such as the Caribbean, or for those cruises that sail through cold climates such as the Nordic countries.

A relaxing vacation within the comforts of a cruise is one of the most popular vacation options. Today’s competition is fierce with so many different cruise lines and regions of the world competing for tourists: cruises in the Caribbean, in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Norwegian fjords… an endless offering that forces the different cruise ship lines to look for exclusive amenities that can differentiate them from their competitors.

Within this competitive environment the possibility of installing an ice rink on a cruise ship is increasingly in demand. Nobody imagines a cruise without a swimming pool and more and more cruise companies are betting on ice skating rinks to beef up their on-board recreation offerings.

Would you like to know what the main benefits are?

The benefits of installing an ice rink on a cruise ship

    • 1.- Innovative and differentiating recreational activity compared to the competition.
    • 2.- Use of the rink as another location for the entertainment activities of the cruise.
    • 3.- Sustainable installation without energy consumption.
    • 4.- Possibility of offering multiple and varied activities in the same setting (curling, skating, hockey…).
Ice rink on a cruise ship by Xtraice

Xtraice through the Norwegian fjords

One of the most solid companies in the cruise ship sector has trusted Xtraice to install an ice rink on the deck of one of its ships. The image is to say the least striking: the pool and the ice rink hand in hand on the same stage.

The journey of this cruise ship will start in the Norwegian fjords in Europe, but who knows how many more places the ice rink will visit? Will it be easy to keep your balance on it?

If you’re a cruise ship operator interested in the installation of an ice rink on a cruise ship, we invite you to reach out to us for your needs. We have the experience!



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