Promote art culture and exercise for kids and adults with an ice rink.

How to use an ice rink for CCR?

Place images of famous paintings or other images on the barriers surrounding the rink and create an art gallery with an ice skating rink; a perfect idea for museums and art galleries as well as organizations and city halls that want to promote culture within their communities.

Where to organize your CCR event with an ice rink?

Ice skating rinks are excellent additions to museums and art galleries, schools and other cultural centres. Create a gallery on ice using famous pieces or original artwork done by students or members of educational and cultural institutions. See more examples of where to install an ice rink here.

Why is an ice rink for CCR a good idea?

It provides cultural education to youngsters and adults in a fun and unique context. If you run a business, you will get extra media coverage and boost profits in your establishment, shopping centre, museum or city. Organize your event to promote your company with this extraordinary and diverse attraction.


Examples and ideas for CCR on ice rinks

You can install ice rinks with historic, cultural and artistic concepts. With interactive ice rinks, it’s now possible to project images and videos onto the ice surface. Or we can design a rink with pathways that lead skaters through the “gallery” with famous paintings or poems on the barriers.

Youngsters will enjoy ice skating and cultural learning simultaneously while the adults take in the art while ice skating as well.


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