ttract more visitors to your city or business with an ice rink for Christmas. Learn about the advantages of installing a synthetic ice rink

Why install an ice rink for Christmas? Conventional ice rinks are easier to maintain around Christmas time because of the cold temperatures. On top of that, kids are on school holidays and have more time to play and participate in recreational activities.

This is why we think of Christmas time and ice skating as going hand in hand. However, ice skating does not need to be only a wintertime activity. Xtraice synthetic ice rinks do not require cold temperatures to function which means ice skating is possible even in warm climates.

On top of that, Christmas time is when we see the most advertising and marketing campaigns pushing to drive sales and installing an innovative and ecological synthetic ice rink will mean you stand out from the competition.

6 Reasons to install a synthetic ice rink for Christmas 

  1. Create a festive holiday atmosphere in your community. The streets fill up with families doing their Christmas shopping. Add an ice rink at Christmas time to give families an unforgettable holiday experience. This will bring more people out to enjoy ice skating with family and friends.
  2. Energy savings. Xtraice rinks do not need water or electricity for proper maintenance which means significant energy and cost savings.
  3. Profitable. Thanks to low maintenance costs, profitability is guaranteed.
  4. Simple assembly and maintenance. Xtraice rinks can be installed in a matter of hours depending on the size and location.
  5. Boost local businesses. Get the locals out shopping in their community rather than going to neighboring cities or shopping online. See examples of promoting local businesses here in this link.
  6. Differentiation and tourism. More and more municipalities are looking to stand out by creating a dreamlike festive atmosphere for the holiday season with lights, Christmas markets and of course, ice skating rinks. Ice skating is fun for the whole family, from youngsters to adults and will boost local tourism over the holidays.

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested for an ice rink rental for christmas period. Do you offer this service in Cyprus as well?? If yes, i would like to have an offer.


    • Hello,
      Thank you for writing us. Sure. We offer this service in Cyprus as well. Our international team will contact you by email as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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