Ice Rink Business Plan you put it place at the start will determine your future success
What is known with certainty is that the Ice Rink Business Plan you put it place at the start will determine your future success There are a couple of major factors to take into account and research when deciding whether or not to make the investment:
  • Location
  • Setting
On the one hand, studying the SET where the rink is to be installed is fundamental.  Including the rink in a shopping area or a recreation area for children is a good start, though they are not the only valid options.
At the same time, the DIMENSIONS of the rink should be planned according to the necessities of the chosen site to create an impressive atmosphere that makes the location stand out.
Another key aspect of the rink is the AMBIENCE.  While the installation of a rink is an attraction in and of itself, it can be greatly enhanced with other compliments such as light, sound and activities, which create an even more spectacular atmosphere.
Throughout your research phase, the professional team at Xtraice will accompany you through the entire process, with rich experience consulting on more than 1,000 rinks for clients in 95 countries worldwide.
Moreover, the magnitude of Xtraice allows even the most unimaginable requests to become a reality.


Ways to make your rink more profitable

After your initial study is complete it is advisable to consider a number of complimentary elements which will help reduce the time necessary to recover your investment.  Among them, those most commonly implemented to increase profits are:
  • Ticket Pricing
  • Sale of Advertising on the Barriers
  • Skating Classes
  • Events and Birthday parties
  • Vendors
  • Customer Loyalty Actions: monthly / weekly subscriptions, packs. Etc…
In terms of profitability, it also worth noting the difference between fixed rinks and portable rinks.  Experience demonstrates that those clients who rent their rinks and moreover, those who manage them throughout the rental, see higher profit margens. 
In terms of operating expenses associated with synthetic ice, it also important to remember that there is no electricty cost.  At the same time, Xtraice rinks come with a 12-year warranty and the panels can also be used on both sides, increasing the life of the rink as well as the profitability.


How do you make a rink profitable in 8 months?

Are there concrete numbers? Is there a reliable case study?
The team of professionals at Xtraice has conducted extensive client research to determine the average time necessary to turn a profit on the purchase of an Xtraice rink.  Collecting data from clients with a 160m2 rink (1,700 square feet), the most common rink purchase, 8 months was determined as the period required for recovering the initial investment.
In the accompanying image you can analize the data collected by the Xtraice team. Nevertheless, this period can be reduced by the employing any number of the techniques mentioned above.
This data can be personalized and adapted specifically to each country at the client´s request.  Can we help you reach your goal?


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  1. Good day Xtraice,

    My name is Victor from Botswana. I would like to request for a synthetic ice rink quote.
    We do not have any type of skating rink in Botswana and would like to be the first to introduce the rent a rink. The plan is to apply for funds and I have to come up with a Business Plan that explains what I want to do. So I need a quote for the complete rink of atleast 6m x 10m with skating shoes and SHIPPING to Gaborone, Botswana.

    Kindly assist.

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