Xtraice ice skating rinks are ideal for both individual and team games. Our synthetic ice skating rinks help promoting sports practising for both kids and adults while having a lot of fun.

Why Xtraice ice skating rinks help promoting sports and games?

There are several reasons why a synthetic ice skating rink is suitable for a wide range of games and activities

First of all, because of its technology as well as I+D+i development. Xtraice panels helps absorbing impacts hence reducing pain caused by falls, not to mention you’ll stay dry at all times thanks to our panels dry surface.


An additional key reason is its adaptability. Xtraice synthetic ice skating rinks can adopt any shape, color or size. We can create customized ice rinks, making your project unique. This means we can create your own marks on the surface for your tailored games like curling game lines or hockey lines.

Make your ice rink unique and fun by adding games geared for kids, but adults can play too! and make them have an unforgettable time together, playing sports and other games and activities. They will definitely come back!

Find out more about the advantages and benefits for kids of ice skating by clicking here


Xtraice games on ice

For more than 15 years Xtraice does more than 200 ice rink installations every year all over the globe. Our background make us a quite reliable source of expertise for ice skating games and activities for kids, both individual and team games: racing games, team games and physical coordination, are some examples. Our games are suitable for all ages and different game levels.

Ask our team for information about the available ice skating games and other different options for sports and leisure on ice!

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