How long does synthetic ice last | Xtraice synthetic ice rink life-span

How long does synthetic ice last? Have you ever thought about it? Of course for any investor, it is necessary to know about this before buying it, in order to calculate its profitability.


What is synthetic ice?

Synthetic ice is a technical floor, non-toxic and 100% recyclable, reason why it is known as ecological ice too. Thanks to its manufacturing, we can skate getting a gliding experience very similar to traditional ice rinks.


How long does synthetic ice last? Life-span and deterioration of synthetic ice rinks

Like any other product, not all synthetic ices are the same. We will talk about Xtraice synthetic ice, world leader in manufacturing and distribution of synthetic ice rinks.

The life-span of Xtraice panels is of 20 years for the Pro version and 10 years for the Lite version. The Lite version are thinner panels  thought for homes. One of the advantages of this technical floor is that when it is very used, you can turn it and use again on the other side of the panel, getting a new product for a second time.

Xtraice gives 12 years guarantee on the Pro version and 6 years on the Lite version.

Nevertheless, to get this 20 years of life-span, it is essential to have a correct maintenance of the rink.


How do you maintain your synthetic ice rink?

Now that we understand how long synthetic ice lasts, let’s look at how to properly mantain it.

When we skate on a synthetic ice rink, the friction of the blade with surface creates a small layer of this material, like dust, it is not appreciated when you skate.

To have a correct operation of the rink, we recommend cleaning the surface with a mop and later with a cleaning machine to ensure the proper maintenance. The cleaning frequency will depend on the usage of the rink and if it is located indoors or outdoors because of the rain or wind could polute the surface.

A second thing for its maintenance is the daily sharpening of the skates.

This means that having a simple maintenance, without any specialized technicians for its management is enough and also you won’t have any expenses. 


More advantages are:

  • No CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
  • It does not need chemicals for cooling it.
  • The surface is not wet and does not burn you when you touch it or fall.
  • Does not consume energy nor water.
  • It can be used all year around, it does not matter high or low temperatures.
  • Quick and easy installation, being able to be assembled in just one day.


20 years operating a synthetic ice rink, you will have enough time to amortize your investment and make it a profitable business.


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