In the past few weeks we have received a barrage of inquiries about how to build an ice rink in your backyard. The need to be able to train daily, or simply the desire to have a few hours of family fun have made Home ice rinks an increasingly demanded product. 

Today we’ll explain the necessary steps to get your very own top of the line Xtraice synthetic ice rink at home in the shortest possible time.




  1. Choose the location

    Think carefully about the location of your Xtraice rink. Would you prefer an indoor area to avoid inclement weather? Or perhaps an outdoor area that would allow you to enjoy nice weather? The beauty of an Xtraice synthetic ice rink is that you can install it nearly anywhere, regardless of weather conditions. Ideally though, you should choose a flat area with minimal unevenness that would allow for optimal installation of your rink.

  2. Measure your space

    Once you have chosen the place where you will install your Xtraice rink, it is important that you measure the space well. Your dimensions may allow for variations in the rink layout. If you want to have an idea of ​​how many panels you will need, just go to our “ConfigurICER” tool which will allow you to play around with the measurements of your space to get an idea of how many Xtraice panels you will need.


  3. Design of your rink

    The next step is to contact your corresponding sales representative. You can write to us directly at and we will forward your request to our technical and sales team. Together they will prepare the layout of your Xtraice rink and give you the best personalized service and advice.

  4. Assembling your rink

    Once payment of your project is accepted, in a matter of days you will receive your very own Xtraice rink at home. For an additional fee we can offer assembly supervision of your rink, however, the process is so simple that anyone can do it! You just need to follow the simple instructions that we will send you in our video-tutorial. A totally DIY process!

Home panels


Innovating and adapting to the needs of the market is essential for any business to survive. For this reason, our R + D department has developed our Home panels, which are specifically adapted to the needs of ice skating in a home setting.

Advantages of our Xtraice Home panels

How to build an ice rink in your backyard?

DIY installation

Made easy and simple thanks to our video-tutorial.

Interior/exterior use

Both options are possible, you decide where.

Train 24/7

Train every single day at the time you want. No matter if it’s hot, cold, raining, or even snowing.

Double-sided use.

Greater durability and lifespan, thanks to the possibility of using both sides of the panel.

Easily transportable.

Our Xtraice Home panels are easily transported to move the location of your rink as many times as you’d like.


Our surface is 100% customizable. We adapt to your space. Also, once the panels are at home, you can modify their position, creating a variety of rink shapes and layouts.

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