At last you have decided to buy a personal ice rink to be able to train in the comfort of your home, but now the question is: what is the most appropriate measure for my home ice rink? What is the minimum available space I need to be able to train?

The first thing to keep in mind is that the measurement will always be determined by your available space. But, if you don’t have a predetermined space and you want to get an idea of ​​how you can train at home, we have created some predesigned packs that can give you an idea. Anyways, don’t forget that we can always customize the rink to your needs. Our limit is your imagination! Just keep in mind that our panels are a set size of roughly 3’x3’, 38”x38” to be exact. 

good size for a backyard ice rink


The Sniper Box has 9 synthetic ice panels and is perfect for training your shot while on your skates. Work on wrist shots, slapshots and backhands on a daily basis in order to improve your shot speed, strength and release. All while wearing your skates on our panels. This will improve your shot skills by keeping the same balance and height that you would have on real ice. The size of this rink is 9.5ft x 9.5ft with a total surface area of 90 sq ft.


The Goalie Training Box is composed of 12 synthetic ice panels, with an area of 9.5ft by 12.5ft (3 x 4 meters, 120 sq ft). This size rink allows for a full range of goalie drills including lateral sliding, edgework, and speed and maneuvering drills.

Goalie Training Box


The Soft Hands Box includes 18 Xtraice panels, comprising an area of 9.5ft by 19ft (3 x 6 metres, or 180 sq ft.). This size rink is ideal for practicing your stickhandling skills while skating around with the puck in addition to a wide range of shooting drills.


The Dynamic Footwork Box includes 36 panels, comprising an area of 19ft by 19ft (6 x 6 meters, 360 sq ft). This size home rink allows hockey players to do a full range of training exercises, from shooting and stickhandling to skating drills. It’s the optimal surface for a complete hockey training session. It’s also fun!


Have you already decided on one of our packs? Or would you prefer to give us your measurements and receive your personalized quote?

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