Cool ice rink installed in Italy

For those looking to offer a new experience, Xtraice offers creative and cool ice rinks, great to share on social networks, and as a result, reach more people and potential customers.

A standard skating rink is no longer enough. Due to the great competition that sports and leisure companies face today, aesthetics and originality are key for differentiation.


Types of cool ice rinks and personal customization:

  • Uniquely shaped ice rinks different than the usual rectangular shaped rinks.
  • Size of skating rinks. With Xtraice, there is no minimum or maximum. We’ll design exactly what you need.
  • Colored skating rinks. Have you ever skated on a colored ice rink? Xtraice installed a chocolate colored rink in the Chocolate Museum in Brazil. Choose the theme, look and color of your rink.
  • Skating rink with images on the ice surface or images on the barriers.
          • Many companies opt to have their rinks customized with their logo embedded in the center of the rink. Some choose to add curling targets to the surface and others simply use their imagination to personalize the rink with colors and images to make their rink one-of-a-kind. 
          • Vinyl decals on the boards are a popular way to advertise, whether it be for the actual rink itself or as a means to boost income through third party advertisements. Before registering at a casino, it would be a good idea to know what to expect from it. The full list of online casino reviews on our website will help you with that question.


Learn more about customized Xtraice rinks and contact our team of professionals for personalized assistance. 

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