You’ll find out how outdoor ice skating is now possible all year around! Are you considering to set up a backyard ice rink? What if you could have that perfect ice rink all year around? You’ll be able to try the Xtraice synthetic ice rink at the Metropolis Hotel in the city Eau Claire, Wisconsin (USA) for free. Here we have installed our synthetic panels within the ‘Action City.
You’ll have the opportunity to check how there are no flooding, no electricity, and no need for cold weather in our artificial skating rinks. With Xtraice’s self-lubricating technology, you can now have that perfect rink all year round with little to no maintenance!
But if you don’t have a big back yard, there is no problem! Xtraice can be put on any solid flat surface. This means you can put Xtraice in your basement, garage, deck, patio, any where you choose.
What makes perfect? Practice makes perfect! Having your own synthetic ice rink gives you a leg up on all the competition because you now have the opportunity to practice 365 days a year in the comfort of your own home while actually wearing your hockey skates!
Once you get the chance to skate on this, you’ll see why the NHL’s Florida Panthers have chosen to use Xtraice in their practice facility and why Disneyland trusts Xtraice to be on their properties!
If you decide to visit us at the Metropolis hotel do not forget to bring your own skates.

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