How to build a rink over a pool?

Yes you can! Here at Xtraice we can build synthetic ice rink over pools. Take advantage of the pool space during the winter and install a synthetic ice rink, whether it’s a sports center, municipal pool or a hotel looking to offer a new and unique activity during the winter months when the pool is not in use.


Why install an ice rink over a pool?

  • Offer an alternative to the swimming pool in winter. During the coldest months of the year, pools are not popular and outdoor pools shut down.
  • Make use of the facilities. Don’t let the space go to waste and put iit to good use all year round.
  • Save, save, save. You will save on energy and water costs. Pools are much more costly to maintain than Xtraice ecological ice rinks which means higher profits for you. On top of that, you do not need specialized labor to install or maintain the rink so you can use the same staff all year round
  • A fresh and innovative idea. Skating rinks are always popular among people of all ages and Xtraice manufactures using the latest technology in synthetic ice.


How to install a synthetic ice rink over a pool

Xtraice are manufacturers and therefor can fully customize any project, for pool size or shape. Here are some examples of rinks in pools.


Ice rink at the bottom of a pool

This is viable in shallow pools. In this case, we install the rink on the bottom of the pool, and there is no need for a support structure. All that is needed is a thin protective layer of foam laid on the pool bottom before installing the ice. This protects both the pool floor and the underside of the ice panels. 
Here is an example of an Xtraice rink we’ve recently installed in a pool in Mishima, Japan. 

Ice rink overtop of a pool

This option requires a support structure* to be installed before assembling the rink to provide a hard, flat and level surface on which to install the ice rink. At first glance, you cannot even tell that there is a pool underneath the rink. This is a secure structure that we have used on many occasions to solve the problem of uneven surfaces or to cover water fountains and other obstacles.

*For clients located outside of Europe the construction and/or purchase/rental of the support structure is the responsibility of the client. However, our representatives can help answer any questions you might have about this structure.

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