We want to be as close as possible to all of you. Therefore, we want to feel your presence through all the channels we have in the social media.

Xtraice wants to be where you are and open new means of communication. You can be informed about all our last news through our FACEBOOK page: our new synthetic ice rinks, our attendance to different exhibitions… some of our news you can find on our TWITTER and GOOGLE+. However, we do not only want to convey our updates but also hear your proposals, requests and recommendations.

If you are looking for our different images of all our rinks gathered in sizes or themes, you can have a look on our FLICKR page where you can check out about 500 pictures. Or you can visit our INSTAGRAM, to see our most amazing pictures.

Is this not enough and do you want more? Than you can also check out our YOUTUBE and VIMEO pages. You’ll be able to browse through the videos of our ice rinks with people skating, playing hockey, Xtraice in the media or even an explanatory video about our ecological ice rinks.

At last, we remind you that you can also find us on LINKEDIN, where you can read into detail about all the products that we have.

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