Are you interested in purchasing an ice rink but not sure what you need? Or, do you already have one and want to improve it with more fun accessories?

Here are the basic accessories required for your rink to operate well and the additional accessories that can be added to make it more fun.

  • Xtraice panels to build the gliding surface of the rink.
  • Foam to protect the panels from the floor.
  • Barriers ( transparent or hockey) and gates.
  • Installation kit. So that you can install and take down the rink yourself where and when you want.
  • Pairs of skates, according to the size of the rink, a wide variety of sizes for kids and adults.

With that, you can start skating, although you will need other accessories for the proper maintenance of the rink and for it to be successful.

  • Skate shelves to organise the skates by size. This is very comfortable for public rinks that are visited by hundreds of people daily.
  • Cleaning machine and mop. For the maintenance of the panels.
  • Skate sharpener machine. Required for the gliding of the blade on the surface of the rink.
  • Rubber floor, to allow walking through the changing area with your skates on before entering the rink.

And to increase safety and fun for everyone we offer:

  • Hockey kit. This beginners set includes 12 sticks and 2 plastic balls.
  • Helmets and protective gear.
  • Curling stones. You can play a game of interactive curling or, embed a target on your panels. In our accessories store you can find a beginners kit with 4 curling stones, or individual professional curling stones.
  • Skating aids. You can choose the friend you like best to get started with skating. bears, penguins or chairs to push a friend.
  • Light and sound. This offers entertainment to the rink or even shows on ice.

Visit our online store and see all the accessories we have available for your rink organised by categories.

Order online and receive them where you ́d like!

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