Xtraice synthetic ice rink at the Defense Arch in Paris

Unheard projects. Imposible projects. Those are our projects! Installing at emblematic locations worldwide is always a challenge. And to do it under the label of being the world’s leading synthetic ice supplier is an honor as well as a challenge.

This Christmas, Xtraice will install one of it´s synthetic ice rinks at the top of the Defense arch in Paris. An iconic location in France from where you can see the Louvre, Triunf Arch,  the Eiffel Tower or even the Elysee Fields.

The Defense Arch has the biggest terrace in Paris at the top, which is exactly where the Xtraice rink will be installed. The surface will be 300m2 and it will have a long shape, adapting to the space available on the terrace. Also, it will be the highest ice rink in France, as it will be installed at 110m high.

Xtraice, the new supplier of the rink at the Grande Arche.

Skating Rink at the Defense Arch

The classic rink installed at La Grande Arche has been installed with a different supplier the last two years. However, the experience provided by Xtraice has led them to choose Xtraice this year for their project.


Operation data of the Xtraice rink

The synthetic ice rink installed at the Defense Arch in Paris will open on December 21st until January from 10:30 to 18:30. Tickets will cost 3€, but, previously, you will have had to purchase the ticket to the monument which is 15€ for adults and 7€ for kids under 12.


An eistock rink at the Defense

Also, Xtraice will also instal another rink in the Defense Area. This time, it´s an eistock rink of 30m2 at the other end of the walking path. Just 5 minutes walking distance from the Defense Arch.

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