This is not surprising, considering that the first plastic rink that replaced real ice was developed in the middle of the 20th century. It lacked glide and the connections between panels were very noticeable and skates even got caught sometimes in these spaces.
The next generation of synthetic ice used lubricating oils that made the rink smoother and more similar to real ice. However, these kinds of rinks needed to be continually treated with the lubricant, complicating their maintenance and making them messy for skaters. Finding the right lubricant could be difficult and rink owners often neglected this procedure, which hampered the skating process and eventually led to a rink that was useless. Moreover, a majority of manufacturers produced rinks with difficult connections, increasing the possibility of injury during training.   
Xtraice united the best material and chemical scientists, as well as sports professionals to develop the new generation of self-lubricated synthetic ice surfaces that don´t require any treatment. The lubricant is gradually released to the surface throughout the lifespan of the panels, so that the synthetic ice rink maintains uniform and optimal gliding characteristics. Moreover, Xtraice uses a tongue and groove connection system that makes panels absolutely seamless and provides a safe and comfortable training site.
Cities frequently lack rinks for figure skating training and most rinks are utilized for hockey purposes. Synthetic ice rinks are becoming a perfect option both for training centers and home practice by making use of unorthodox spaces, such as backyards and garages. Xtraice rinks are mobile and can be installed easily in a short time virtually everywhere, provided that there is a flat surface. The manufacturing process makes Xtraice panels resistant to extreme temperatures, snow, rain and UV rays.
Thus, Xtraice synthetic rinks enable you to carry out bold and original projects, such as ice skating shows in theatres or on circus stages. Xtraice makes rinks in all shapes and sizes and our team is always ready to offer its clients solutions. Needless to say, these projects can be carried out at much less cost than with traditional ice.
Xtraice panels last up to 20 years, using both sides and have extremely low operational costs: no electricity, no water bills and no skilled labor is needed to install or operate the rink.
The slightly greater effort required means figure skaters who train on Xtraice can better prepare physically and hone their skills in their training sessions. It is no wonder why many athletes and amateurs worldwide have decided in favor of training on Xtraice synthetic ice rinks. 

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