What is synthetic ice? Xtraice molecular structure and ecological product

What is synthetic ice? Synthetic ice is a technical surface that allows you to skate with regular ice skates just like those used on conventional ice rinks. This ice, made up of interconnected panels offers the same gliding sensation as conventional ice, but with lower maintenance costs and higher durability guaranteed.

Still not sure what exactly synthetic ice is? Keep reading for a more detailed description.


Molecular Structure

There is a lot of variety when it comes to synthetic ice products and not all of them have the same composition. In fact, the material and the manufacturing methods determine the quality of the synthetic ice. Xtraice manufactures the best quality synthetic ice on the market. The surface is composed of high-density, self-lubricating polyethylene panels, in other words, the surface expels a lubricant in nanoparticles (non-toxic) during the product’s lifespan. This self-lubricating system makes gliding on Xtraice ice rinks 95% similar to that of conventional ice rinks. This means significant savings in spray-on lubricants when comparing the synthetic ice of different brands.


Synthetic ice panels and connections

Synthetic ice is made into panels and depending on the manufacturing company they come in different sizes. The panels have a connection system that allows you to join them together forming different rink sizes and configurations, as well as easy and simple assembly.
It is very important, both for the enjoyment of the skaters and their safety, that the connections between the panels are unnoticeable. This is why Xtraice synthetic ice panels have a tongue and groove connection system, reinforced with plugs, that creates a perfect seam between the panels, preventing them from lifting, and causing irregularities across the surface


Ecological: 100% recyclable and Non-toxic

Synthetic ice it is a recyclable and non-toxic product that doesn’t require glycol chemicals for its proper maintenance. In addition, it does not need energy or water for its operation or maintenance, which means considerable energy and economic savings. This is why, synthetic ice is an ecological product, respectful of the environment and future generations.


Synthetic ice Xtraice, the difference

At Xtraice, as synthetic ice manufacturers, we design customized synthetic ice rinks and with brand logos and colours embedded in the panels. On top of that, Xtraice offers a 12-year warranty on Pro panels, so the profitability of the investment is guaranteed.
Xtraice synthetic ice is the only product on the market that has ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications ensuring environmental and quality management. Apart from that, and most importantly, Xtraice is the most technologically advanced synthetic ice in the industry, which secures your investment and the future of your project.
These are a few of the points that separate Xtraice from other synthetic ice rink manufacturers. Go with the safe bet! However, if you are deciding between synthetic or conventional ice, we will outline the differences here.

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