Why is ice skating good for kids? | Advantages ice skating for children

If you don’t know which extracurricular activity is most beneficial for kids, or what sport they should play, let us show you the opportunities that synthetic ice skating can offer to children.


Why is ice skating good for children?

Ice skating for children is not only fun, it’s a healthy athletic activity as well.

Some years ago, ice skating in the summer wasn’t possible, nowadays Xtraice gives us an incredible opportunity to skate every day of the year. Xtraice rinks can be used even in hot summer temperatures.

There are lots of sports available to children, but not all of them are as advantageous as synthetic ice skating because getting started does not require a lot of skill. Children can start skating at only 3 years old. Simply by practising at a young age, they improve very quickly and foster a sense of pride in themselves for their accomplishments.

On top of that, children who ice skate develop a strong sense of balance.


Here are some of the perks of ice skating for children:

  • They can ice skate alone, or with friends or family. It is an activity that can be enjoyed both alone or in a group. 
  • There is always the possibility of adding difficulty with some ice games hockey or practising figure skating. There is always room to improve. 
  • Ice skating is not a violent sport, unlike other combat sports or physical contact sports which can lead to aggression or violence among participants, ice skating is a sport of individual development. 
  • It strengthens the muscle mass of the entire body and improves the physical endurance. In addition, it helps eliminate body fat. 
  • Increases the child’s appetite. 
  • It also improves balance, psychomotricity and coordination. Many back problems stem from walking improperly. Ice skating could correct the position of feet, preventing future back problems too.
  • Increases the child’s appetite. 
  • Ice skating activates blood circulation, so it is beneficial for children. Being an aerobic sport, the heart beats faster, making it stronger and therefore nourishing cells more rapidly boosting the respiratory condition of the children who skate. 


We recommend the use of helmets, knee and elbow pads because although falling on synthetic ice is less worrying than falling on traditional ice, it is better to prevent possible injuries.


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  1. The other day, I talked with my brother about how he’s worried about his daughter’s health, so he’d like to enroll her in a sports class or something. I liked what you said about ice skating and how it improves your whole strength, and I’m sure my niece would like the idea too, so I’ll share your insight with my brother right now. Thank you for explaining how ice skating it’s great for a child’s well-being.

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