Summer Ice Skating

It is now possible to ice skate in the summertime!

Xtraice synthetic ice rinks are designed for use in the open air in any climate or weather, even the high summer temperatures. In fact, thanks to its UVA ray treatment, you can enjoy Xtraice from -80ºC to 100ºC without any change in surface color.

Summer camps, hotels, beach towns… Anything is possible in the summer. Make your clients’ vacations more interesting with activities on the ice! Xtraice synthetic ice rinks allow for ice skating 365 days a year, an option to offer your hotel’s clients an added plus or even serve as an alternative activity at summer camps.

Now that summer has arrived, many young people are heading to traditional summer camps where swimming pools are the most typical entertainment. However, ice rinks provide a leisure alternative for youngsters who can watch their skating or hockey skills improve, boosting their physical fitness as well as their competitive spirit and teamwork.

You can offer packs for weeks of hockey training and/or ice skating for children of all ages and skill levels. The youngest kids can improve their hockey skills while focusing on training and technique, as well as learning new maneuvers and tricks in an environment that promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and, above all, having fun.

If, instead, you want to attract a significant number of clients to your hotel during the summer by offering a product that is unique in the sector, this is your chance. Thanks to an ever increasing demand in the service industry, guests are constantly looking for activities that go beyond classic gyms or swimming pools. Ultimately, offering the chance to skate at your hotel in the summer is an option that is sure to bring in more clients.

Another summer option we love is the possibility of installing your Xtraice ice rink on the sand at the beach, a spectacle that is bound to catch public’s eye.

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A summer ice rink? Now it's possible!
Ice skating in summer and with high temperatures

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