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David Juhel, Sales Manager at Xtraice

Originally from France, David graduated from College with a degree in Physical Activity and Sports at Potiers University in France. He has been leading the Sales Team at Xtraice where he first started developing the French market.

David_Juhel_Sales Manager
In a globalized world with less and less sales barriers, which are the biggest handicaps you have encountered throughout the international expansion of the company?

The hardest part is getting people to understand what we do and the product we sell. Our product is very original and very few people know about it. This can be be a problem when trying to enter a new market.


What role does the sales department have within the company?
It´s the tip of the iceberg. It´s the part of the company that´s in touch with clients and closes deals. Although behind every success story there is a lot of hard work from different departments.


Xtraice has intalled rinks in over 95 countries. How has this been possible?

International leisure tradeshows, a great job by our marketing department that positions us around the world and a researching tasks by our sales team. These are our starting points.


When you are already present around the world, it must be harder and harder to find new challenges. What´s your next one?

The world is huge. During the Xhristmas season we installed over 100 rinks in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal… But there is still room to grow in the United States, Asia and Middle East. We still have a lot to do there. 


What makes Xtraice different to a clients perspective? Why do decide to buy from you?

At Xtraice we have always been moved by the same goals in standing out due to: quality, innovation, the experience our team has and the tailored customer service we offer.


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